The big bag filling machine has been designed to fill even the most difficult to handle materials, using a time proven technique which involves high precision weighing coupled with a truncated pyramid table with vibrators, the filled material is weighed de-aerated and densified before leaving the filling station. The ultimate goal is to produce bags that are stable, stackable, safe & easy to handle. The filling cycle is controlled by the microcontroller for fast and efficient filling. The filling spout is concentric with 2 nozzles for AIR purging & aspiration systems.

Various quantities like 200,500,750 & 1000 kgs can be filled in one cycle.

The jumbo bag filling machines are custom designed, the machines can be provided with a roller conveyor underneath, once the filling is complete, the bag is lowered onto the roller conveyor & then the conveyor is switched on & thereby moving the bag out of the machine. The jumbo bag which is placed on the pallet can be shifted by using a fork lift.