Twist off Lug Caps, Crown Cork, ROPP Caps, RO Caps / CT Caps, Capseals / Drum Seals. Under the category of Metal Caps / Closures – is made available to the clients. These are manufactured with quality Tin sheets procured from international market and with an in-house Tin Printing / coating done with a fully automatic “Yodogawa” TIN printing machine. Supplies of closures is made to most of the highly reputed companies in India & Internationally in the food processing, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Fragrance and oil & chemical sector.

Half Twist Lug Caps / Vacuum seals : Available in sizes 102mm, 82mm Lug Cap, 66mm, 63mm, 58mm, 53mm & 43mm for food processing / Dairy industries for Jams, Cheese spread, Gherkins, Pickles, Dukkah, Mayonnaise, Honey & other allied products.

53mm & 70mm Slip Cap (Press fit caps) for glass tumblers (like the Kraft Cheese tumblers. Usage in food processing / Dairy industries for Jams, Cheese spread, honey & other allied products.

Crown Corks: Available from a fully automatic - SACME make, Italian plant, with a transparent liner / Puff liner inside which ensures excellent pressure retention. Its supposedly the best in the world. Widely used in Beverages Ind. /Beer Industries, dairy, food & others

Capseals/Drumseals : Used in 250 or 300 litres barrels, 20 ltr. Drums.Usage in the Lube, Oil, Chemical & Pharma Industries.

ROPP Caps: Available in 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 31.5mm, 38m, 46mm & 53mm; Usage in Pharma, Liquor & food processing industries.

RO caps or RSNP Caps: Available in Sizes 25mm & 38mm & 70mm; Again for the food processing, most of the countries have replaced these caps with Lug Caps. Very few countries are using these caps.

Besides, the above any kind of metal bottle closures / caps as per customer requirement can be given.