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Vented Liners And Vented Wads

Packaging Materials / Vented Liners And Vented Wads

Due to new developments to improve market share new developments are undertaken in the Agricultural and house hold chemical manufacturers. Some products tend to off-gassing and oxygen scavenging in the container due challenges caused by rapid fluctuations in temperature and altitude. The result is packaging that leaks, collapses or bloats .

The vented was from Gore enables to continue maintaining high airflow even after contact with some of the most aggressive and highly concentratedchemical formulations. The proprietary EPTFE membrane in the sevents eliminates bloating and collapsing of containers by allowing them to breathe without leaking. The Vented liners are sealed onto the bottles as any other induction liners. Where induction sealing is not done these liners are inserted into plugs specially designed to hold the liners achieving the required effect as that of a vented induction liner.