The Vision based Inspection system, employing cameras, is playing a vital link to better monitoring in the various tasks performed in any industrial manufacturing units, replacing the tedious work by the labour force in the field of physical inspection for quality checks. This also reduces human errors. It also enhances productivity.

The various industries covered are not limited to Automotive, pharma, bottling, metals and plastic closures but also finds application in other segments of industry. some of the solutions are:

1, Bottle inspection for empty and filled bottles checking for neck chipping, deformed bottles, cracks, foreign material like hair, dust etc. embeded in glass bottles. Also various defected in HDPE and PET bottles

2. Label inspection for misprints, misaligned labeling, wrong labeling, print and apply etc..

3. For various defects in the caps and closures both plastic and metal.

4. Track and trace systems which includes warehousing solutions through the Ai and cloud base technolgy.